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If you can’t go to the pub, let the pub come to you……

Do you remember the days when we could all take a gentle stroll or drive out to the local village pub for a Sunday Roast, squashed into a packed car park with tables (dare I say it) less than 2 metres apart. A shake of the hand for a friend and even a kiss on the cheek if we were really bold.

Well those days may be on hold, but for the residents of a small Wiltshire village the local Community owned pub has not let a forced closure dampen its spirits.

The Winterbourne in Winterbourne Bassett, a community owned Freehouse has developed a way of bringing the pub to your home.

Tenants, Roger and Emie Hawkshaw sourced an array of cartons and boxes from their suppliers and as if by magic, you can now have many of your pub classics, including a full Roast lunch on a Sunday or a Vegan Curry, delivered to your door, piping hot and ready to go.

In fact not only is it delivered to your door, but courtesy of local businessman turned delivery driver, Damian Le Gresley, lunch or dinner arrives in style in his sleek new Tesla, re-purposed as The Winterbourne delivery van, and very green too!

On Sunday alone, Damian delivered 50 Roast Dinners, many topped off with a delicious dessert, including Jam Roly Poly.

Emie and Roger, who are very much part of village life have also developed a local home delivery service of other food and essentials which they have a sourced from their suppliers to top up your store cupboard, including the very popular Community Box. Roger (Head Chef) has also put together some take and bake items, such as cottage pie or lasagne to buy cold and pop in the freezer.

So if it wasn’t for the satisfying experience of a cold pint freshly drawn from the pump, or perhaps that kiss on the cheek, we could all get used this for a very long time!

The Winterbourne

Winterbourne Bassett

Tel: 01793 731257

Roast Pork Sunday Lunch

Roast lamb

Ready for the next delivery

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