Open Share Offer Document (Oct 2021)

Member Meetings

We hold Annual Members Meetings (AMM) to report back to our membership each year.

The first AMM was held on Monday 18th February 2019:

The second AMM was held on Monday 9th March 2020:

The third AMM was held on Monday 29th March 2021:

The fourth AMM was held on Tuesday 29th March 2022:

Our Supporters

We would like to thank everyone in our local community that has provided their support, whether as an investor, as a volunteer or simply to eat and drink in the pub.

Special thanks go to the following very kind donors:

- Simon Hylson-Smith - Garden furniture

- John & Jackie Austin - Conservatory radiators

- Angela & Gowan Bewsher - Fencing, decorating supplies and Special Members Meeting food

- Andrew Freestone - Ice Maker

We are also very grateful for the guidance we received from the Beckley & Area Community Benefit Society who own The Abingdon Arms, and of course everyone at the Plunkett Foundation who have been extremely helpful throughout our journey.

Original Share Offer Document (Jan 2018)

Business Plan (2018)

Society Rules

Winterbourne Bassett Community Pub Limited (WBCP) is the company established to enable the people and friends of Winterbourne Bassett to secure and safeguard the future of our village pub.

It is a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society using model rules (its constitution) developed by the Plunkett Foundation and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

A copy of the constitution (Society Rules) can be downloaded using the buttons below, as well as our Business Plan and Share Offer documents.

Our Society