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Refurbishment Progress - Week Two

Our community volunteers and contracted trades have been making great progress over the past two weeks in preparing The Winterbourne for reopening.

Outside, the new roof on the older part of the building is complete:

New roof - front

New roof - rear

Inside, Phil and his team of helpers have done the messy work of preparing the flat for re-plastering and decoration, and in some rooms have started the painting!

Phil stripping plaster

Nathan painting lounge

Downstairs, more volunteers have cleared out all the rooms of unwanted items - much has gone in the skip, but anything with possible value is currently displayed in the conservatory for 'Take and Donate' offers.

Outside, the gardens have been completely cleared ready for landscaping, and our new signs are up on the A4361 (thanks to George Horton for allowing us to place this on his land):

Garden clearance
Roadside advert


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